Traveling Merchant/Cat Girl Popo and Toto is a merchant. She can be found randomly while clearing stages. After she is found, she is available in town for 15 minutes. When her 15 minutes are up, she will return to the field and her inventory will reset.

File:Popo Stage.png

Item gold costs can be reduced at the expense of one jewel.

Wares include the following:

File:Popo Town.png
File:Cat Girl Popo.png
  • Weapons (up to 5 star)
  • Bread
  • Honor
  • Colosseum tickets
  • Dungeon keys
  • Master hero contact
  • 3-star hero contact

Tips 编辑

Generally, popo's selling items are very expensive and most of them is not worth to buy it. However several items are worth to buy: tickets, keys, (some) hero contact, and Christmas cake

You can also bargain her with a single gem, but this isn't worth it as the bargain will only take off 30% of a RANDOM item's price she is selling. If you really want something, you should buy the gold with your gems instead.